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Category:Airbus A320 family Category:Embraer E-jet family Category:Lufthansa Category:Airlines of Germany Category:Airlines of Switzerland Category:German brands Category:German companies established in 1977 Category:Swiss brands Category:Aviation in Germany Category:Aviation in Switzerland Category:German words and phrasesIn October of 2017, when I was on the radio talking about my book “The Fool’s Errand: Dispatches from the Fringes of the Mind,” I learned that I had been prescribed Zyprexa. This was a time of tremendous stress for me. I was writing the book while working part-time as a $12 an hour minimum-wage part-time janitor at my university library, while applying to medical school, while teaching two courses in my spare time, while writing applications for a fellowship at a time of the year when the application deadline loomed. I had just spent a month finishing up my last medical school application when I received the surprising news that I had been prescribed Zyprexa for my bipolar disorder. I had been seeing a psychiatrist for years, but I had never been given any medication. Now, my thoughts were going to be controlled by drugs. What do you think of when you hear the word “fringe”? Do you think of the rich, wacky people who have so much money they make the bottom 99.9 percent of society feel small, poor, and inferior? Or do you think of the people with bipolar disorder? For me, the fringe is the people who don’t like to talk about bipolar disorder because they think it’s embarrassing and stigmatizing. It’s the people who think that their mental illness is shameful and should be hidden. It’s the people who struggle with self-loathing. It’s the people who think that the best way to deal with bipolar disorder is to turn it into a joke. When you think about yourself, how do you see yourself? What are you going to tell the future generations about you? I think I’m going to be remembered as an intellectual who made a career out of making fun of other people. I’m going to be remembered as a man who found a way to make billions of dollars by telling other people they were sick. I’




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