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Good Food & even better company!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Well, a story for another time for now let's reminisce on some beautiful memories made in late 2020 in the midst of a pandemic.

Every second spend with this beauty is definitely a treasure. We decided to go for a girls' night in Cambridge! A great meal at @this Mexican restaurant ( honestly forgot. the name), ungarnished cocktails , yes I said it UNGARNISHED!! Mildly disappointed with the drinks but the food was delicious!

Wait, lest I forget to mention, we learned they're two 'SNUG ' bars in Cambridge, go figure lol! We decided to take a stroll through the night and hit "The Snug " for a few proper cocktails, but we got dropped off at this random, old country-looking bar, apparently it's also called "The Snug" lol! We were unbothered, we just waited for another Uber to the next location. Corvid definitely did a number on nightlife, the bars were quiet and boring. We ended up leaving the city center earlier than planned but those few hours out were AMAZING and worth documenting.

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