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We took a tour of the spectacular "city of the rich" -Monaco and the city is absolutely beautiful. Views are to die for. The place is very mountainous and the roads ridiculously narrow and curvy with sharp turns. Apparently Monaco is well known as a tax-haven and playground to the rich and famous. There are yachts all over the sea and luxury cars parked every other corner of the city. Due to covid-19 we were mandated to wear masks around the Casin Monte-Carlo were most of the luxury cars were parked which made it very uncomfortable so we didn't stay around the area too long. We were able to visit the Prince's Palace, the Musee oceanographidque , Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Opera de Monte -Carlo. We used the hop on and off bus that gave us a spectacular auditory history of the place. Beautiful place to make your rich wishes lol.

We stayed at the Saint Michel Camping in Menton which was the only campsite closest to Monaco (12 minutes train).

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