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Freshwater Holiday Park, Bridport, England

Speaking of peaceful destinations to distress-Freshwater Holiday Park was the family fix we needed. The weather wasn't good but the park kept us occupied throughout our stay. The park has an indoor & outdoor pool, bowling, indoor games and of course the beach that is a stone throw away. They are restaurants and bars as well. We ate at Rolling Stone. Nothing special about the food, kinda disappointed as they didn't have starters and we were starving. Otherwise, the food was so basic and they didn’t have any cocktails- bummer but the lasagna was soo cheesy and tasty 🤤

Due to COVID, all activities required pre-booking and times were so limited which forced us to use the outdoor pool the first day at the park even though the weather wasn't favourable. The second day rained all day but we enjoyed some time at the indoor pool then later that evening we went bowling!

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