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British Airways 360, Brighton,UK

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Beautiful beach, the first clearwater beach we’ve seen so far in our England adventures. We had an amazing time walking the beach, getting on the British Airways 360 eye, and getting some fresh air especially after been restricted for about 2 months due to Covid-19.

We stayed at the Waterfront hotel right opposite the beach. The weather was a bit windy not very ideal but we made the best out of it.

Amazing views and all but the Waterfront hotel has the worst customer service ever. The staff was very moody and offered no assistance at all. We ordered some dinner in service, and the pizza was burnt. The staff's response to the complaint was unbelievable. I would never recommend any Brighton visitors to stay here. Great location and all but if you value service, then please be kind to yourself and look somewhere else.

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